About Us

About Us
Trusted, Respected and Followed. When it comes to news that matters, there is only one name that comes to the mind. khabarexpo stands steadfast as rajasthan’s undisputed number one news channel and the undisputed leader ever since its launch on 01aug 2021 . khabarexpo dominates the media space and has been setting the news agenda for the country since its inception.

The channel started as a Facebook page daily news with its differentiated treatment of news coverage.

It has been our vision to update our viewers with the latest news before anyone else and in it’s truest form without any colour or bias. Every news that we broadcast is not only fire-checked for facts but are also analysed form a healthy neutral point of view to give it the completeness that we are revered for. This has always been our goal and shall remain to be always.

To create a journalistic impact that acts as the foundation of an Informed and Happy Society, by providing unbiased, unaltered information that makes them capable of forming opinions and act on them. These are the pillars that not only define us and the way we do things, but also shape our future-forward business processes.